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Two day shipping...really nice. Awesome product, love the dew drops. They really help with my back pain.

Sale price was refreshing to see amongst others. Apprecitate it.

Very informative site, learned a lot. Pricing was right up my alley. Kudo's.

My one-stop-shop for cbd. Coolio.

This stuff kicks ass. Really helps to mellow me out when Im frantic. Cost savings a bonus!

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For many years now I have been plagued by severe headaches and at times even migraines. I usually just take the common over-the-counter medicines such as Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen. They sometimes work, but as they have been shown to affect either the kidneys or liver, I try to refrain from taking them unless my symptoms are unbearable. Recently I tried a CBD tincture and I must admit I was blown away! The drops relieved my symptoms within 5 minutes (a new record) and from what I’ve read, does not pose any harmful effects to my internal organs. I can’t say enough about CBD. It’s simply amazing stuff !!!

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over a year ago, and since that time, I have been in chronic pain, with severe fatigue. Some days were worse than others, but I was never without some level of nerve pain, and/or muscle aches. My doctors prescribed Cymbalta, and when I had an allergic response, they tried other anti-depressants to assist with stress and anxiety associated with the illness. I tried over-the-counter medications for pain, and even homeopathic remedies. Nothing helped. Then, I discovered Dixie Dew Drops, and after only 1/3 of a regular dosage, I felt incredible relief. Because it fights inflammation in the body so well, I often have days with no pain at all. And my sleep is better with less pain, so I have less fatigue. I also have spinal stenosis, so I am still coping with stiffness, but even that seems better without the inflammation to exacerbate it. As an aside, I have coped with Coronary Artery Disease due to high cholesterol for over five years. Although statin drugs reduced my LDL's (bad cholesterol), I had severe reactions to them. In my last blood test, after six weeks on daily doses of CBD in Dixie Dew Drops, and after starting an anti-inflammatory diet (Paleo Diet), my LDL's went from 134 to 59! My cardiologist has requested another blood test in one month, because, like me, she thinks they tested someone else's blood by mistake! (P.S. - I didn't tell her about the CBD..... ;)

These drops are good for relieving many different symptoms such as anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, etc. CBD has also been shown to fight different types of cancer. If you’re looking for an everyday CBD product, this is it.

I was under some incurable pain because of Arthritis. After a few days of use, I begin to feel better. The first thing I noticed was that my sleep is back. Eventually everything including my good sense of humor came back to me, thanks to this utterly useful product. Pain is also subsiding. Beside it is 100% natural and safe.

I am so grateful about finding this extremely useful and 100% natural product. I was under some incurable pain because of Arthritis. This disease was causing me trouble since I was 20 and my regular medicine was not working any more as my body was getting so used to them. I couldn't sleep at night. This causes some anxiety as well. I did not know what to do. One day my husband came up with this great supplement. I was blaming him first for wasting money.(I was so depressed at that time; I was angry with everyone and everything). He convinced me to try this supplement. (I am so grateful to him as well. If not for him I shall never find this quality supplement). After a few days of use, I begin to feel better. The first thing I noticed was that my sleep is back. Eventually everything including my good sense of humor came back to me, thanks to this utterly useful product. Pain is also subsiding. I heard later this supplement works fine with pain related to central nervous system as well as peripheral nervous system. So no pain can be escaped from this special supplement. Beside it is 100% natural and safe.

I only tried the cinnamon. It has a very pleasant earthy flavor. Toward the end of my 1oz bottle it seems as if my overall body inflammation had decreased. Overall very satisfied with the experience I had using it.

I run a fitness centre and many people come to see me to get advice about such supplements. I have recommended this product for many and all of them are satisfied with what they have achieved. This supplement is made of 100% natural resources.

CBD is the most natural and side effects free Nutrition supplement I have ever known. I run a fitness centre and many people come to see me to get advice about such supplements. Throughout these years I have used so many varies and come a conclusion that this is the one. Many nutrition supplements are not real. They do nothing but wasting money. But this extreme supplement never fails. I have recommended this product for many and all of them are satisfied with what they have achieved. This supplement is made of 100% natural resources. It is actually, hemp extract. It is scientifically proven as no harm to human body. Beside this energy supplying ability, this perfect product also is a good pain killer. And it do not give you heart burns like many other pain killer do. It is also good for people who suffering from insomnia. Anyway if you are not used to this medicine, do not take it in the morning or before drive.

I was bitten by an insect while I was camping last month. I am allergic to them and the bitten spot was swelled and inflamed within no time. I was scared and didn't know what to do. A friend of mine had a bottle of this product and put few drops to the spot. The inflammation subsided in no time. Not even a mark left. The first thing I did after the camp was buying one for me. Now I never leave home without it.

I have known CBD oil supplements are good for health. But until recently I did not it is also an excellent sedative as well. Recently I bought one for my daddy who is severely ill with a spinal cord CA. He is under radiotherapy. This therapy also causes some unwanted side effects and anxiety. It also weakens the body. And he is under unbearable pain episodes all the time. His regular medicine can do very little to keep himself from all these. A friend of mine suggested to buy this supplement for him. He is a nurse and specialised in treating bed ridden patients. I was in two minds at first because this seems very expensive. But finally decided to give it a try anyway. I think it is the best decision I have made as a good son. This supplement has been such a relief for him. Beside curing his anxiety, this CBD oil supplement also worked for him as a perfect pain killer. He is much better now. He is also having a very good night sleep thanks to this excellent supplement. I am so grateful to this invaluable product.

This is the real thing; there are so many hemp based products in the market; but this here is the genuine, pure and real hemp-oil product. I have a sick mother at home with severe arthritis; only this product has the power and ability to alleviate her sufferings. The price is nothing when comparing to the pain she suffered.

This is an excellent product with multiple uses. I was feeling anxiety after my menopause. I couldn't do any of my usual daily activities and was feeling so tired and lazy. I went to see a doctor and he diagnosed me as an anxiety patient. He also prescribed me some medicine. Even though he diagnosed me correct, the course of medicine he described did not work for me. So I met another doctor. His medicine also did not cure me. This went on until finally I found this enormously useful supplement. This is somewhat unorthodox, but perfectly safe and effective. I am perfectly healthy now. My usual self is back and I feel even more energetic. First I did not know why this extra strength, I was sleeping better and actually getting a full night's rest. This supplement is not cheap. But every cent I pay worth double. To me it is simply the life. My life would be pretty miserable if I did not get introduced to this wonderful product.

I feel really exhausted and lifeless after long working days at site. Even a good night sleep cannot bring back my energy after such hard shifts. The only hope for me to get through such rough days is this awesome product. I have known Cannabidol oil as a great energy supplement and anxiety reliever for some times now. I always had a bottle beside me to use whenever I needed it. But this product is few times more effective than any of those other Cannibdol products. It is because this product is made of extra strong 18% CDB oil. This product simply brings my life back when I am totally exhausted. Amazing product.

Cannabidol is known as a good dietary supplement and . Now this special product brings that energy of Cannabidol in multitudes. It is stronger and more effective. No other nutrition supplement can be even closely as effective as this product does. I have seen the effect of this great product on many patients I care. They are few times better and healthier. I recommend this product with highest regards.

This is an excellent food supplement. As an hard working professional I need to keep my mind fine-tuned. I have used some other food supplements previously. Actually using such food supplements might risk my carrier because they may contain some harmful ingredients. That is why I choose this 100% natural and hemp extract CBD oil supplement. I actually did some inquires before finally made up my mind to buy this Cannabidiol Nutritional Supplement. I talked to my personal trainer and the doctor and also to a Nutritionist. They all said this supplement is no harm to the body and a very good and easy to use food supplement. I have been using this supplement for a while now. By experience I can say this supplement worked pretty well on me. My performances are better now. So I shall recommend this Nutrition supplement with 100% SATISFACTION.

This is a wonderful product that can make you feel better. We only live once. I think that you will feel better once you try this product.

I am an athlete. Few weeks ago I was in great pain because of a bone fracture. I took every medicine in the book. But none of them could relieve me from my pain and I couldn't sleep or rest too because of that unbearable pain. Finally my girlfriend came up with this great product. It is expensive; but totally worth every cent. Now I am 100% free of pain thanks to this . I wouldn't be able to play for a while; but at least I can sleep peaceful and get some real rest.

Patients who are suffering from severe pains such as cancer patients can be utterly relieved with this Decarboxylated CBD supplement. This hemp extract medication is also an extreme dietary supplement. As a nurse I have used this high quality supplement on many bed ridden patients. Cannabidiol has given them strength like no other supplement and most importantly with zero side effects. Some dietary supplements actually unbalance the serum levels of some important electrolytes; but this special supplement is not so. Blood tests show that this supplement never changes those vital serum electrolytes levels. So this supplement has two good effects on bed ridden patents with severe pains. It sedates the patients and also keep their strength to survive. I guarantee this product with highest regards.

My mother is a cancer patient. We are being told that her cancer has spread up to incurable level; cancer cells are already in the spinal cord. Now her only hope is pain killers. She is in an unbearable pain. In fact I couldn't watch her suffer. Her doctor suggested many pain killers but wasn't working. Finally he suggested this natural supplement. This is utterly effective and finally she is having some peace. As it is hemp extract and 100% dietary supplement, this cannabidol or CBD also keeps her healthier and fit. I am so glad I finally found it. It is the last hope for her.

I have done some background researches before choosing this product for my anxiety diagnosed wife. Our lives were almost shattered to the ground. I was desperate and we all, including my two sons were under lots of pressure. Finally I decided to try with this product because no medicine seemed effective enough. The result came fast; she was finally able to sleep tight; that was the first positive sign. From then on, everything happened fast. She is totally recovered now. We are saved by this awesome product.

This is a very effective nutritional supplement. My father underwent radiation therapy; it took a big portion of his energy. This super product helped a lot to restore his lost energy. The taste is also good. Price is reasonable. Overall the product is super perfect.

Totally cool and highly effective energy supplement. I take each after my daily gym routine. It works so miraculously for me. My body has been built like never before.